• Education for the Future of an Industry

    Recent findings compiled by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) report that global tourism is growing so fast that the hospitality sector is facing an inevitable talent crisis. Global Travel & Tourism direct employment is forecast to increase by more than 25 million jobs in the next ten years… Read

    Education for the Future of an Industry
  • Quality that Lasts

    The number of luxury consumers has more than tripled in under 20 years, to around 330m people. Spending has risen at a similar rate, to an estimated €217 billion (US$300 billion) in 2013. Around 130m of these consumers are in emerging markets, and 50m of those in China… Read

    Quality that Lasts
  • Summer Schools and Camps Special Dossier 2015

    What’s Hot for Summer Education in 2015. Download the complete dossier. Read

    Summer Schools and Camps Special Dossier 2015
  • Switzerland Represents at Expo Milano 2015

    Among the world’s major events, only the Expos seem to be in a position to rival the scale of the Olympics and the Football World Cup. But this kind of event now seems to attract mostly developing countries. What sense does it make for a mature —and stagnant— economy such as that of Europe to host an Expo? Read

    Switzerland Represents at Expo Milano 2015
Michael Mauer, Chief Designer at Porsche AG

Proportion, Style, Detail

Porsche’s Michael Mauer dishes on car design. Porsche is dominating the global markets with record-high achievements and enjoying a golden age. Its original target was to … Read


The Andermatt Investment

High-risk, high-altitude luxury in the Swiss Alps. The village of Andermatt, located in the Uri canton—at the foot of the Gotthard—has never actually been the buen ritiro … Read

TurMix Platinum line

TurMix Goes Swiss, Again

A New Pleasure for Blender Purists. In 2012, TurMix, a Swiss kitchen appliances company released its Platinum line, which has managed to catch the attention of many, from … Read

Bell 429

Heli-Alps : Luxury in flight

Heli-Alps was founded in 2005 in Sion, Switzerland by four pilots who decided to translate their passion into a business after seeing a growing interest in helicopter travel in … Read

The Salzburg Festival

Boutique event shines at Whitsuntide. If the words Salzburg Whitsun Festival evoke thoughts of a little-sister festival in awe of the real deal (the Salzburg Festival), think … Read

Paris Furtive

In this issue, chief investment officer Michel Juvet presents an exclusive photo essay he calls ‘Paris Furtive’ that takes an off-centre look at France’s capital city. The … Read

Lemania-Verbier International School

Offering the liberal arts in an environment of excellence. Lemania-Verbier International School was established in response to a growing demand for an international, bilingual … Read