• Prague’s Soft Approach

    Eastern Europe tiptoed its way confidently into the art market, but without ruffling feathers. The market is non-aggressive, with a softer persona compared to other emerging, even fully-emerged, markets, notably Chinese and Russian…

    Prague’s Soft Approach
  • Fine Wine and Opera

    Ten years have passed since Bellavista Franciacorta winemakers teamed up with Teatro alla Scala in Milan to toast the reopening of one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Since then a relationship has grown and aged… Read

    Fine Wine and Opera
  • Royal Road to Sustainability

    Heir to the noble estate, William Lobkowicz Boston-born, Harvard-bred William Lobkowicz is no ordinary East Coast real estate broker. Behind the unassuming exterior of a modest European History graduate is a strain of noble blood with lofty aspirations… Read

    Royal Road to Sustainability
  • The Future of Luxury

    Ask an economist what luxury is and she will talk about goods whose desirability increases disproportionately to income and proportionately with price. An anthropologist or marketer would rather focus on social class, status, or how people form identity… Read

    The Future of Luxury
  • Experience Not Necessary

    When Karen Feldman moved to Prague from the United States in 1994, she didn’t expect that 21 years later she’d still be in the Czech capital, running her own wildly successful business, designing, producing, and selling exquisite handmade crystal glassware… Read

    Experience Not Necessary
Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

5-star sophistication in Milan’s boho-chic design district This year’s Expo Milano 2015 has got the world abuzz, and after having been notched first on NYT’s ‘52 Places to Go’ … Read

Teatro alla Scala

Sustainability in Stilettos

Giorgio Battistelli writes CO2, Teatro alla Scala’s new opera for Expo Milano 2015 When Expo Milano 2015 opens its doors on May 1st of this year, catapulting the steely … Read

Digital Water Pavilion

Carlo Ratti, The Senseable Architect

Architecture Open Source. Sense and The City It seems that the golden age of the Archistar is coming to a close. A revolution is taking place in the way in which cities are … Read

Lemania-Verbier International School

Offering the liberal arts in an environment of excellence. Lemania-Verbier International School was established in response to a growing demand for an international, bilingual … Read

One more croquet by Moyard

Reinventing an ancient pastime. In the previous edition of Swiss Style magazine we presented the Noch Ein collection of contemporary furniture produced under the label … Read