WISeKey is Revolutionizing the Luxury World by Protecting Brands such as Hublot, Dior and Chris & Cris

Cristina Valls-Taberner Muls, member of the WISeKey advisory board, announcing the Chrisandcris.com social network at MIT

WISeKey is revolutionizing the luxury world by protecting brands such as Hublot, Dior and Chris & Cris with its patented Digital Brand Protection Solutions. A completely new way of protecting luxury brands whilst fighting counterfeiting, boosting sales, providing a private social network for brand fanatics and offering a lifelong bond with the customer emerged this year at Basel World.

WISeKey’s brand protection technology, WISeAuthentic, offers personalized solutions for digitally identifying authentic brand items, and also provides direct sales information to the manufacturer and allows control over the grey market, is now used by luxury brands Chris & Cris, Dior, and Hublot, with more and more brands joining the fight against counterfeiting.

The technology consists of creating an electronic guarantee certificate with an algorithm, which contains the item identity code and is securely stored on a SmartCard that also enables privileged access to a reserved space on the brand’s website.

Sales outlets and clients are able to use the SmartCard to check instantly online if the watch is genuine. This combination provides a fail-safe solution, impossible to replicate, at a fraction of the amount lost in sales due to counterfeits.

WISeKey has gone even further this time and developed a wearable solution for Chris & Cris, a Spanish-based luxury garment company which will be announced at MIT this Saturday associating the luxury garment with an exclusive social network, blending corporate identity and brand awareness in a new generation of VIP social network.

With WISeKey, the Chrisandcris.com Social Network will provide high-level digital identity verification and authentication, as well as single-sign-on (SSO) to different services. Using WISeKey’s technology, the Chrisandcris.com Social Network is positioned to become the world’s leading private, trusted online community. Membership is by invitation only for owners of the fine, luxury garments designed and manufactured by Chris & Cris. The service is expected to launch in September of this year.

The Chrisandcris.com Social Network will be provided to key events with which WISeKey is already involved, gathering VIPs, CEOs, celebrities, and high-ranking corporate and political officials. The Chrisandcris.com Social Network will work with exclusive brands as an alternative to traditional marketing. The Chrisandcris.com Social Network also plans an experiential campaign for their prestigious membership that will extend into targeted offline events. Such is the case of the renowned Hublot watch brand, which launched its Hublotista.com site, a system for authenticating watches which incorporates a private club offering services and privileged access to the brand.

Wisekey founder and CEO Carlos Moreira with Cristina Valls-Taberner Muls

WISeKey is in conversation with organizations such as MIT to further develop the creative use of WISeKey’s security and authentication technology. WISekey is embedding its unique patented technology as part of its broader brand protection policy; the fight against this problem – often linked with organized crime – is one of the WISekey’s top priorities. Anti-counterfeiting measures are organized around each brand WISeKey is working with.